Legal restrictions have been relaxed, in particular face coverings and social distancing, I will NOT be changing any of the safety measures I have in place.

When you come to the clinic for treatment, you will still be required:

  • to wear a face covering during your appointment
  • to wash your hands, or use the hand gel provided, when you enter the clinic
  • to observe social distancing with regard to other patients

I will continue to wear a face covering, clean surfaces in the clinic room between patients, wash my hands and use hand gel between patients, allow 15 minutes between patients to allow time for cleaning.

For clarity, the reasons for continuing to observe these safety measures are that many of my patients are vulnerable, immunosuppressed, pregnant, elderly or simply not confident that it’s all over now. As a practitioner, I am responsible for the safety of these patients while they are in my care and in the clinic. My colleagues and I are in agreement on this.

I wish it was all over. Clearly numbers are rising and the prospect is that this will continue over the Summer months with relaxation of the rules. Then we will have the Autumn and the inevitable return of the Winter viruses. I hope that by then the vaccine will be doing the job of minimising Covid infections. I shall maintain my cautious approach throughout.