Message to Geoff from a new Mum


Infertility is one of those hidden illnesses. You don’t feel sick from it but it affects your life none the less.

When I started Acupuncture I really was not sure I noticed much change. However, when I missed sessions and eventually had to stop sessions because of lock down, the difference was really noticeable. One day, the start of my period fell on a day I had treatment. Normally this is the worst day for me, but I came out of that session feeling on top of the world!

I had tried two cycles of IVF. The first failed and the second resulted in a devastating miscarriage. Working with Geoff has been amazing, using Acupuncture to bring back the balance in my body and life! I just wish I had found him sooner.

For the third round of IVF I decided to use Acupuncture. I conceived again and this time gave birth at home to a beautiful 9 lb baby boy. I had a very easy and beautiful pregnancy and I put that all down to Acupuncture.