In the last 20 years, about one third of my patients, both men and women, have had fertility problems.


The Positive Role Of Acupuncture

There is a huge amount of anecdotal evidence in the public domain, on television, in the press and on social media (Mumsnet, Fertility Friends, etc.) about the positive role of acupuncture for people trying to conceive naturally or with IVF.

This anecdotal evidence comes from people who feel they have experienced the benefits of acupuncture, because they wish to enhance their natural fertility, and because they want support when having IVF/ICSI/FET treatment.

Although the anecdotal evidence is strong, the research evidence is not conclusive and some of the more positive research evidence is of low quality. Because of this many doctors are very sceptical and/or negative about acupuncture.  Insert Refs - BAcC factsheets?

My Approach

In the last 20 years, about one third of my patients, both men and women, have had fertility problems.

The focus of my approach is to ascertain how any imbalances in your energy system are impacting on your fertility. With all patients, I use acupuncture to treat the whole person not just the symptoms.

I use an empathetic approach and my experience, to guide, advise and help you to navigate your way on a journey which can be difficult and emotionally challenging, especially the IVF process.


Medical Support

Most fertility patients are already consulting either their GP, or a fertility specialist, either within the NHS or privately. Some consultants refer their patients to me.

Rarely, you will not have consulted your GP or a specialist. In this case, depending on the circumstances, I will suggest you talk to your GP so that you can have basic blood tests to ascertain

  • in the case of a woman, if you are ovulating
  • in the case of a man, to determine the quality and quantity of your sperm.

In the rare event that the GP is unwilling or unable to do this, I will suggest a private referral to a fertility consultant.


Many women contact me because they have been referred by their GP for IVF/ICSI/FET treatment and they approach me to have acupuncture to support this. 

All prospective patients need to be aware that there are no guarantees that acupuncture will work in every case.

There are many reasons why conception fails to occur. Luck plays a big part, as well as physical problems such as a fibroid(s), or malformed uterus.  Lifestyle often can play a role, including stress and overwork.


Enhance your chance of a healthy pregnancy

For those women who fall pregnant either naturally or as a result of fertility treatment, I offer treatment throughout your pregnancy. Treatment aims to help you to:

  • maintain and sustain you and your baby through the first three months
  • manage nausea in first three months
  • stay healthy throughout your pregnancy

increase likelihood of a successful delivery

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