Acupuncture is part of the traditional medicine of China.


Acupuncture is part of the traditional medicine of China. It draws on the wisdom of 2,000 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in treating human disease.

Acupuncture is practised across the world. In China it is mainstream medicine, an integral part of their national health service, used in clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

In Chinese medicine disease is caused by imbalances, obstructions and weaknesses in the circulation of Qi (‘energy’, vital force) in your body. Acupuncture aims to correct these problems and so restore health and vitality.

Acupuncture can safely be used to treat many different health problems, although it is best known for it's use in treating pain. Increasingly, research is showing how effective acupuncture can be.

For Balance & wellness

Traditionally in China, acupuncture was used to help to prevent illness reoccurring and promote good health. Today, many patients report a general improvement in their overall feeling of health and wellbeing after treatment.

Many patients are experiencing stress and anxiety, often directly associated with their symptoms. Acupuncture can have a calming, relaxing effect which can be of significant help in the
process of treating their symptoms.

Although the anecdotal evidence (what patients say about it) is strong, there is no hard evidence that this effect is universal. Many of my patients continue to have treatment, often at three or four monthly intervals, for example at the time of the change of season.

For Symptom Relief

Acupuncture has a good reputation for helping to control and improve symptoms of pain. Some patients seek treatment for symptoms which are not connected to their overall health. For example, symptoms resulting from:

  • a sports injury or an accident
  • a medical procedure
  • a disease which is itself is not treatable with acupuncture (e.g. cancer), but where acupuncture can help to control the symptoms
  • medical treatment, where acupuncture can play a role in reducing the side effects of the treatment (chemotherapy)

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